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Landr prides itself with being a zero configuration tool, and relying on your repository and related conventions to perform its job.

This document presents a list of conventions we recommend in order to make the best out of Landr. Apart from this list, The Landr GitHub Repository aims to be an example of what you can do with Landr, so check out how we do things there if unsure!


Image Banner

Landr will parse the README file and if it finds an image at the top, it will use it as the project banner/logo.

Logo Brandmark

A brandmark logo only consist of the logo without the text. Landr will look for logo.png if present in the root directory, which will be used as favicon


The first paragraph in the README before any section is considered to be the repository description.


A list of paragraphs after the repository description, where each entry starts with a set of words, a colon, and a paragraph is considered to be the project features highlights.


A README section called Motivation is considered to be a longer description of why the project exists.


An in-depth description of how the project works under the hood, targetted at potential contributors.


The project's code of conduct for contributors.


Instructions on how to report a security vulnerability to the project.


A set of frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers. Each section of the document is considered to be a different FAQ entry.


Landr will parse CODEOWNERS to determine who are the maintainers of the repository.


A getting started guide for starting to contribute to the project, complementary to the ARCHITECTURE.md document.


The license of the project.


The canonical domain of the project.


A set of documentation files where sub-directories represent categories. The ordering is determined alphabetically using the file names and the page title is determined from the first title from the contents of the files.


A set of blog posts. The published date is obtained from the file name, and the author information is obtained through git.