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Hello from Landr

Hey there! We're excited to kickstart this project's blog! We want to grow Landr into the best way to get a website with little overhead, so that creators out there can focus on what they do best, and leverage Landr to present their work in a beautiful way.

The plan is for this blog to contain mostly micro-posts describing how things are going, brainstorm some crazy ideas out loud, and tell everyone about the additions we're making to the framework in a way that is more conversational than a bunch of commits in a pull-request.

To stick to the plan, I would like to report that the core engine of Landr has been fully implemented, and that we built prototypes for things around a website that are as important as the website itself such as analytics, SEO friendly headers, favicons, robots.txt, you name it!

The next steps will be to start using the engine to create a professional looking website, and the first project to get it will be, of course, Landr! The first website will probably be the hardest, but I'm sure things will ease out as we go!

If you are reading this blog post, you might have already figured out that we are prototyping a blog engine on top of Landr, and you would be spot on! We've seen projects successfully rely on microblogs as a better way to tell the story of a project, and we hope that Landr and other projects using Landr will take this advantage as well!

Stay tuned!